Solid Mama Trucker Hat

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Sometimes the best ideas are birthed late at night, when all of our inhibition's have left us & we are vulnerable (& hilarious) with our most raw, brutal, whimsical & honest thoughts & ideas.

This was the birth place of “Solidarity Mamacita”- a late night convo over how when our kids are little crazies while we are just trying to survive a trip to Costco, that someone would just fist bump us, smile & roll on when they see us in those stressful, horrifying moments. That there would be no judgey eyes (you know those awful ones) but instead an acknowledgement of solidarity: that we've all been there. We've all needed that fist bump- that unifying moment instead of one that divides & discourages.

From the birth of Solidarity Mamacita came SolidMama. Solidifying that we as moms are the solid foundation of our families and are rocking this thing called motherhood!


This snapback trucker hat is the perfect accessory to any outfit! A quick on the go fix to cover up unwashed hair, disguise dark circles from lack of sleep or protection from the sun, we have you covered.

This hat features a white front with black SolidMama logo and a black back with snap closure making it a perfect fit for all!

Cotton-Poly/Nylon Mesh